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Research Brief: Best of Tech 2022

A Research Brief by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh, CEO Coeus Age

As per the annual report "Best of Tech 2022" by Coeus Age, India Domestic IT Market Spend is estimated to grow at 6.7% and 7.9% in 2022 and 2023 respectively, crossing INR 3,00,000 Crores in 2023. This is putting all the segments - Enterprise, MSME, Consumer, and Government & Education. The report also presents the key themes in the enterprise IT and digital priorities for 2022. The research captured the last six years’ Digital Transformation (DX) journey of 123 enterprises across 16 industry verticals. 16 Hot Tech Areas were identified that are going to be prominent in 2022 and 2023. The story will, however, be going to be different by different industry vertical. That’s what defines the critical trends.

Here's a synopsis.

#1 New Digital Business Models Shall be Experimented through 2022

#2 Customer Life Cycle Management Shall Evolve Out of the CRM Drive in 2022

#3 Employee Life Cycle/ Learning Ecosystem Management to Evolve Out of the HRIS Drive in 2022

#4 End to End Service Delivery Capability Across the Value Chain to Emanate from Holistic Business Process Automation and Digital Operations in 2022

#5 Omni Channel Integration Shall be the Way Forward to Multi-Channels Strategy in 2022

#6 Digitalized Supply Chain Shall Take Concrete Shape Rather Gradually Across Industries in 2022

#7 Hyper Local Shall be a Reality, a Direct Fall Out of the Pandemic, in 2022

#8 Business Process Automation and Analytics Shall Broad Base Across Business Domains in All Sectors in 2022

#9 Digital Operations Shall Gain Traction, Gradually and Organically, Across Industries in 2022

#10 Customer 360 Shall Gain Ground in Banking, NBFC, and Auto Industries in 2022

#11 Enterprise Data Management Drive Shall Be a Trend in BFSI, Auto, and CPG Sectors in 2022

#12 Enterprise Analytics, AI, ML, IoT, and RPA Platform Will See Adoption Across Sectors Though by Few Enterprises in 2022

#13 IT Operations, Management, and Security Will See Point Solution Adoption in Most of the Sectors in 2022

#14 Modern and Cloud Native Infrastructure Adoption Will Remain Niche, Cloud Enabled Infrastructure Shall Gain Ground Across Sectors in 2022

#15 Open Market Applications Architecture Shall Gain Further Traction in BFSI Sectors in 2022

#16 Agile Development and Automated Testing and QA Will Rather Remain Restricted to a Few Industries Only in 2022

To get a detailed report read here

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