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About Us

Best in class services and support at every stage of the ICT asset lifecycle across brands, platforms, and technologies.

Company Profile

We are a leading IT Infrastructure Services and Industry 4.0 Solutions provider in India, offering comprehensive and standardized life cycle services for the full spectrum of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) products including notebooks, desktops, network and servers, computer peripherals, surge protection, and power conditioning units and mobility devices – Tablets and Phones, as well as for a range of non IT automated systems such as digital cinema projectors, self-services kiosks, Point Of Sale terminals, ATMs and satellite communication systems.  Today, we support over half a million devices and addresses 87,000+ on-site service requests every month with a team of 4,000+  engineers, executives and support personnel.

Company Profile
The Aforeserve Edge

The Aforeserve Edge

Superior Tech Repair Capabilities

Integrated Services and Support Model

Leveraging Key Partner Associations

Pan India Support Network

Flexibility, Agility and Responsiveness 

Vision, Mission, Values

Our Mission

'Delivering quality services to every customer, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction through excellence in execution and delivery.'

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We are one call away.

Headquartered at Noida, we work closely with clients to implement tailored service solutions through an extensive, pan India support network, with points of presence in 51 major cities and resident engineers across 350 regional towns.

Supported by a team of over 4000 engineers, executives and support personnel, Aforeserve handles more than 87000 services calls every month, combining industry experience with superior repair capabilities and standardized support practices to assist individual and small-scale establishments as well as complex IT environments in large organizations to install, maintain, refurbish and dispose their ICT assets in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

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Head Office

Repair Factory

Resident Engineers

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Service Center


Our Story

Established in 2000, Aforeserve started by offering return to bench repairs for PC components for Original Equipment and Design Manufacturers (OEMs & ODMs). It then build capabilities to service system integrators, providing functional and technological repair and maintenance services for their products. These included installation, warranty support, field and carry-in repair, helpdesk and reverse logistics.

Subsequently, Aforeserve invested in people, process and technologies to extend ‘direct to customer’ services and support end users of ICT products, that includes warranty and out of warranty devices. It also built capabilities to offer refurbishment services for defective ICT devices.

Drawing from over 19 years of operational experience, Aforeserve today prides itself to be a leading IT Services Partner , Industry 4.0 Solutions Provider for organisations and a differentiated Repair Partner for leading ODM, OEM and System Integrators. 


20 years of certified expertise and solutions.

Quality Accreditions
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