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Company Profile

Best in class services and support at every stage of the ICT asset lifecycle across brands, platforms, and technologies.

Company Profile

Aforeserve is a leading IT Infrastructure Services and Industry 4.0 Solutions provider in India, offering comprehensive and standardized life cycle services for the full spectrum of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) products including notebooks, desktops, network and servers, computer peripherals, surge protection and power conditioning units and mobility devices – Tablets and Phones, as well as for a range of non IT automated systems such as digital cinema projectors, self-services kiosks, POS(point of sale) terminals, ATMs and satellite communication systems. 

Aforeserve today supports over half a million devices and addresses 87,000+ on-site service requests every month with a fleet of 4,000+ team of engineers, executives and support personnel.

Aforeserve is a repair partner of choice for leading global OEM and ODM companies. With a world-class repair factory at Bengaluru India, that spans over 45,000 sq. feet, we undertake 50,000+ complex chip-level repairs every month for a range of ICT components and modules.

Aforeserve is a trusted choice of many CIOs. We collaborate with our customers with deep empathy. We continually invest in tools, systems and capabilities to support high growth and future-friendly ICT environments. 

Aforeserve is a professionally managed enterprise and a great company to grow with for young engineers

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