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Tickle Your Ribs!

Curated from funny people, who don’t mind laughing aloud.

Neil and Shiny dated for two years , but did not marry.

They discovered that they were not on the same landing page.

Professor: How do you make people notice you now?

Students: You have to really make an impression, to like and comment on you.

Alok introduced to guests at the party “ Folks, my job is to help you convert”.

The kid at the corner murmured to his dad “Does he work in sales or marketing?”

The counsellor asked to her client , ‘ Do you know the top reason why no. of divorce suits has doubled over the last decade?’

‘Lack of quality engagement ‘ was the prompt response.

A sales pro turned an actor. The Director was explaining the script.

He emphatically asked ‘ Where is the Call to Action’?

Why do most Java developers wear glasses?

Because they cannot C#

Why do parents of twin dislike SEO?

They have duplicate content.

Artist to the interviewer

I can make digital art easily , but when it comes to paper , I draw the line.

There’s nothing in the Guinness book about Digital DJs

They don’t hold any records.

How does an alum of a digitally transformed company talk?

If you want an insight into how COMPANY-X builds tech, let me know, I worked there for a while.

But I’ll need all the questions written in advance, in triplicate, and signed off by both your team leader and your line manager.

After that, I have an SLA of 12 weeks to reply. Any change request will need to be reviewed at the executive review, which meets quarterly.

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