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One or Many? The IT Service Provider Dilemma.

As an architect would tell you, a strong frame is a key to constructing a sturdy building. The stronger the structure, the more versatile and durable a construction becomes. The strength of a building’s frame comes from its building material; each piece of material works in coordination with one another to form a structure.

So, how does the frame of a building relate to both technology and your business? In this analogy, technology is the ‘material’ that goes into your business’ ‘frame’.

Integration is Key to Success

Let’s revisit the building example. Most builders try their best to limit the different types of construction material that go into a frame. They know that with additional material, someone must ensure that the material will work with the other materials that make up the frame.

A company’s technological framework can take a similar concept of picking materials that work well together; every time you add a new technology-based product or service, you must make sure that it works with the other products/services you already rely on. A new network has to be secure, and applications have to be easily accessed, devices have to be agnostic, and support must be omnipresent.

This is where choosing one multi-service provider can give your business an advantage. Multi-service providers make sure their products talk to one another, and services are integrated to render a seamless user or customer experience. They ensure their products can be easily integrated together so you can eliminate the setup, maintenance, wasted time, and errors that may arise from using different systems. Standalone service providers do not offer this convenience; instead, you must check their compatibility with all of your technology products and services.

Consolidation means Cost Savings.

Back to our building analogy, a seasoned builder would maximize efficiency by ordering as much of their materials from one material vendor as possible to take advantage of economies of scale and price breaks.

The same logic applies to the cost benefits of using one multi-service provider. A good example of this is how insurance companies bundle their plans; you can get a better deal by combining your auto and home insurance with one provider than if you used two different providers. Likewise, you can better deal with your technology services by getting them from the same provider. If the service provider brings you a portfolio of products and services with verified back-end alliances, you stand to gain.

Besides the power to negotiate, IT teams save precious time in tracking, ordering, and supporting routine and mundane tasks.

Problem Attribution

One of the most significant advantages of using one vendor for multiple services is problem attribution. The fewer companies you rely on for your technology needs, the easier it will be to isolate the problem if you’re experiencing one.

To put it simply, you’re less likely to wonder who’s product caused the problem and more likely to quickly pinpoint the issue and find a solution when you only have to work with one support team for all of your needs.

The above are a few rationales to argue how powerful a single multi-service provider can be. Companies that utilize highly integrated services experience the epitome of efficiency.

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Vijay Tiwari
Vijay Tiwari
Sep 08, 2021

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