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Is China the new WWII Germany?

The global disruption caused by COVID - 19 is really unprecedented. Never seen or remember anything like this in my lifetime. The crisis is much intense than the financial fiasco of 2008 or the pandemonium of the attack on WTC in 2001. This is probably comparable to WWII. It all started from Wuhan. China appears to be the new Germany.

A new world order emerged after WWII . USA and Russia turned super-powers. The clout of Germany and Japan declined.  UK and France turned more powerful thanks to overt support from USA. While China emerged as a global power, thanks to covert support from Russia.

A similar magnitude of change in the world order is likely to happen once the pandemic subsides. The global angst against China is growing and will become stronger with time, eventually causing the world to react against it vehemently . Countries, one after the other, are going under lock-down, as if they are fighting a war. It is actually warlike situation, with the difference that you cannot see the enemy. Ironically, that makes it worse !

However, once the war is won, someone has to pay the price, just like Germany and Japan did after WWII.

There may be a stark difference this time. The world is likely to be unforgiving to China . Back then, USA and its allies were benevolent towards Germany and Japan.

Can India emerge as a true global power and a player in the new world order? Too early to start talking about this, surely the right time to start believing this.

I believe it’s possible, if India can overcome this crisis quickly, and shed the constraints that have held it back for so long - factors like caste, religion, reservations and riots, like that in the recent backdrop of CAA. India has to leverage on her strengths like the talent pool and demographic dividend unique to the country.

I am pinning my hopes on strong leadership to deliver on this opportunity- one that comes only once in a century. Can the government deliver on this? I believe it can. If we all believe so, it shall be a new reality.

Well, that’s a lot of hope for the near future, amidst the despicable gloom of now !

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