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Building a Safe Environment – The Device Way

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an unprecedented negative impact on human health & livelihood; and a likely template of what beholds the future. It has been severe. With more than 10 million Indians infected with the virus, it has had a devastating impact on human health, livelihood, and economy. Even with the approval of vaccines across nations, world-wide inoculation may take years.

The biggest challenge has been the virulence and contagion of the virus. The highest risk of transmission is in indoor environments. That has led to large scale lockdown of businesses & social infrastructure. Breaking the chain of infectivity requires focused work on indoor environments. The key to address infectivity is to address the issue for areas where large groups congregate indoors. Typically such zones include hospitals, schools, offices, clubs, gyms, theatres, and hotels. Managing control on transmission (currently being done through cumbersome PPE suits, filtration, and isolation) are an additional cost and complexity.

Introducing Shycocan

At Aforeserve, we wanted to augment ICT initiatives to serve on the grave cause. We added SHYCOCAN to our portfolio.

SHYCOCAN (Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon) is a device that makes the enclosed space and prevents its transmission by 99.9% without any adverse impact to humans or the environment in

any way. It is tested to be effective on S-Protein based viruses (Corona and Influenza family) by reputed global laboratories.

This path-breaking Made in India product is based on PMEE (Photon Mediated Electron Emission) , a technology patented by the serial inventor Indian scientist Rajah Vijay Kumar.

How COVID-19 works?

The human cell membrane has a negative membrane potential

of -70 mV. There are ACE2 receptors on the cell membrane which are critical to regulating processes such as blood pressure, wound healing, and inflammation

Covid-19 is a Positive-Sense-Negative-Seeking virus, whose S-Protein attaches to the ACE2 receptor and infuses its RNA into the cell. The virus, upon entering the cell, infects it by multiplying.

How SHYCOCAN works

SHYCOCAN works by disabling the ability of the COVID-19 virus from attaching itself to a host.

  1. Shycocan produces high-intensity photons.

  2. High-intensity photons strike solid surfaces like tables, chairs, and walls in the room and emit electrons.

  3. Due to continuous operation, an electron cloud gets formed in the enclosed room.

  4. The electrons get attached to the Corona family viruses in the environment,

neutralize its positive charge and thus preventing it from infecting another person.

Why choose SHYCOCAN?

Virology Tests show that it neutralizes 99.9% of the virus. SHYCOCAN provides far greater protection and safety than other methods like air ionizers, UV, and spray disinfectants.

Furthermore, its unobtrusive, safe, continuous, and silent nature makes it a choice to reckon.

SHYCOCAN's useful operational parameters allow for easy installation and wide use.

A single device, when mounted, has an effective coverage area of thousand square feet. Multiple devices may be installed to cover a larger indoor space.

In the device's presence, anyone touching a previously infected surface will not contract the virus as it would have been attenuated. The device has no side effects and does not generate ozone like air ionizers. Photons only split on reaction to the solid surface and pass through gas.

The metal generating photons does not deteriorate. Hence the device has a long lifespan and requires minimal servicing and no consumables.

We have engineers trained to consult, commission, and support the equipment as part of our unflinching commitment to serving organizations and society. We would be happy to help your business serve your internal and external customers with safety.

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