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Warehousing & Logistics

We work as a one-stop solutions provider for all your IT and Communication requirements.

Inventory Management

Domestic & International tie-ups with Suppliers for a wide range of products

  • Supply chain ecosystem in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

  • Experience in handling imports

  • 26+ Years in Supply Chain

  • Strong Partner network to manage clearance & forwarding

Inventory Management

Services Include


  • Planning and forecasting as per stocking levels and define SLA’s

  • Sourcing- Local & Imports

  • Procurement - based on consumption trends

  • Replenishment of defectives by screening & repairs

  • Scrap & e-Waste Management

  • Handling Insurance & Storage

  • Backorder Management

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Coverage PAN India with a Central Warehouse, 4 Regional Warehouses, and 19 sister Warehouses

  • Screening facility within the Warehouse

  • Trained team to manage operations

Warehouse Management

Services Include


  • Physical Inspection, Screening, Staging & Kitting

  • Storing, Stocking & distribution

  • Handling Damages & Returns

  • Asset Management – Part Labeling & Packing

  • Central Warehouse

    • Receipt from local / Import

    • To & Fro from Regional Warehouse

  • Regional Warehouse

    • Receipt from Central Warehous

    • Movement To & Fro to end points (End User/ Resellers)

  • Maintaining IT Systems for online status, reports & querie

Logistics Management

  • Providing PAN India door step Support

  • Tie-ups with more than 8+ national logistics providers for cost-effective model

  •  Efficient deliveries and coverage

Logistics Management

Services Include


  • Customs Clearance and logistics

  • Forward logistics

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Handling forms and Permits

  • Defined SLA’s

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