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Case Study


Large NBFC in Southern India




  • IT Infra Support Services in 700+ branches

  • Asset Management of 11K devices

  • L2/L3 Tech Support for Corporate IT

“Aforeserve helped us accelerate our branch rollout. The project was well managed within time. Appreciate the responsive support thereafter, which is helping us deliver superior customer experience."

Vice President, IT Operations



The Client is a premier NBFC of Southern India, offering services across vehicle loans, small business loans, personal loans and loans against gold. With over 1000+ counters across India, they wanted to offer a fast and efficient customer experience. which would increase their revenue and competitive advantage. They sought Aforeserve’s support to partner as a trusted technical consultant who can manage and support operations at the back office, mid-office, and front offices.


  • Asset Management Services across 1000 branches

  • Surveillance Monitoring in Tamil Nadu as a pilot

  • ICT Infra Support for 700 branches comprising of Server, PC, Printer, Scanner, Network and Surveillance devices

  • SSL Security across  online platforms – websites and portals- using ITIL compliant tool

  • FMS at headquarters with L2/L3 support



  • Assets Tracking of over 11K technology assets. 

  • Successful pilot of Branch Surveillance.

  • Secure online platforms

  • Centralised monitoring of IT operations

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