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Repair Services

Screening & Visual Inspection 

Screening and Visual Inspection constitutes the first level of assessment for all incoming material.  Most faults in ICT and Mobility equipment can be detected at this stage by simply looking in the right place.
Our screening and visual inspection lab engineers are trained to identify problem areas and grade each equipment on varying risk levels. 


Sometimes, customers are concerned about exposing high-value equipment to testing and repair. A visual inspection is sufficient to render appropriate advice on further testing. We practice a non-invasive repair policy and advise customers on complex repair solutions only when absolutely necessary. 

Break-Fix Repair

These cover all L1 and L2 level of repairs. Relatively lower in complexity, these repairs involve a change or replacement in the software or hardware components of a device and are suitable for individual users, large organizations as well as manufacturers that require repair services for bulk volume.

Chip-Level Repair 

These cater to legacy, current and next-generation ICT technologies, covering devices that require major diagnostic and repair exercises at the chip or component level. L3 and L4 level repairs are carried out in controlled environments of Aforeserve’s Repair Facilities at Delhi, Noida, and Bangalore. Each facility is equipped with sophisticated, ESD compliant, repair and testing infrastructure including BGA re-work stations, RF Testers, temperature-controlled soldering and de-soldering stations, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and other tools. Experienced and certified service engineers, who are frequently trained in emerging repair technologies, work on precision-based repair processes. 

Equal-to-New Refurbishment

These services are offered for reconditioning of redundant, out of warranty and old ICT assets into functional, upgraded products, capable of delivering operational performance and life expectancy level comparable to new assets.
Our repair facilities are configured to restore every product to an ‘equal to new’ status and deliver user experience almost equivalent to a new one. Customers availing these services re-deploy refurbished assets in their businesses or re-market them in the second-user segment.


The services include cosmetic reconditioning and reinstatement, hardware replacement, factory restore and reconfigurations, firmware updates, functional testing, OEM upgrades and product re-certification.

Testing & Quality Check

These services are useful for manufacturers to detect deficiencies early in the development process, reducing the risk of product failure, cutting development cost, decreasing the time to market and improving the customer experience. End-users can also test and reassure quality for a newly purchased ICT equipment.

These services are undertaken in our repair facilities that are well equipped with testing equipment to test and certify a wide range of ICT devices against recognised international industry standards.  

Our services include raw material testing, intermediate and final products testing, manufactured products testing and additional quality checks for specific materials and products.

Testing & Quality Check
Equal-to-New Refurbishment
Chip-Level Repair
Break-fix Repair
Screening & Visual Inspection

We are the only Repair Partner in India to have Summit SRT1800 Rework Station which is a High-End Machine for BGA Rework

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