Welcome! Please share your responses to the questions in the below survey.
What percentage of your workforce working from home for a significant part of the week? (Select One)
What are the top two priority interventions for the remote workforce? (Select Two)
How fast would you like to complete intervention of top 2 priorities? (Select One)
What is your device policy for remote workers? (Select As Applicable)

How would you rate the approach to Cybersecurity before and during the pandemic?*

Pretty badNot so goodAverageVery goodExcellent
Edge devices are most vulnerable to cyber attacks. What is your preferred intervention? (Select As Applicable)
Remote workers need to collaborate efficiently. What are your preferred applications? (Select As Applicable)
What are new practices that you have intiated for the office workspace? (Select As Applicable)
Would you be keen to exchange best practices around WFH & WFO with Aforeserve Specialists?
How would you be evaulating your support provider in the new normal? (Select As Applicable)

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